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Natrix Technologies Inc. conducts network performance analyses in order to guarantee their integrity. We know how important the reliability of your computer tools is to ensure the smooth running of your business. E-mails, telephones and server accesses rely on the proper functioning of your network infrastructure. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out regular preventive controls to ensure that it remains perfectly operational. Equipped with the latest technology, our expert engineers undertake performance tests and intervene efficiently without disrupting the work of your employees.

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An analysis report to determine the vulnerabilities of your network

With Natrix Technologies Inc, each intervention is meticulously documented. Each of our analysis reports contain a list of essential points that we encourage you to consult. In particular, you will find a summary of your overall risk level, indicating areas of vulnerability. The reports also identify gaps between best practices and areas that need to be addressed.

Our analysts take an inventory of all your equipment - firewalls, switches, servers, printers, workstations, and mobile devices. They highlight malicious devices that operate without your knowledge and pinpoint weak spots that may give access to your network, such as expired authorization or insecure passwords. The service includes:

  • Inventory of software installed on your systems
  • Inventory of your company's servers (Web, Exchange and SQL)
  • Recommendations for improving network configuration and management.

A tool for better strategic decisions

An IT network is not a static component. Regular updates and upgrades are required. Moreover, each network is complex and unique, with its own characteristics and constraints. Our teams therefore maintain a permanent and complete footprint of your infrastructure's configuration. Contact Natrix Technologies Inc. today to perform a performance test of your IT network. We have complete solutions to help companies secure their operational data.

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