Strengthen your company's IT and email security

The multi-layered security of your workstations and your sensitive data is essential to ensure the continuity of your activities. With the development of hacking, phishing, viruses, spam and identity theft, your business is vulnerable and can be threatened at any time. It is therefore essential to protect your network with complete solutions at all levels. Natrix Technologies Inc, your computer security specialist, will assist you in the installation and management of protection protocols and high-performance antivirus software.

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Increased IT security for your business and your remote employees

Thanks to the expertise of our engineers and the effectiveness of our tools such as Barracuda Essentials, Natrix Technologies Inc. provides you with complete protection adapted to all your needs. We have all the solutions for all your IT systems, fixed and portable, as well as for your remote employees.

Discover the power of Barracuda Essentials security solutions

  • Combine email gateway and artificial intelligence to block threats.
  • Ensure protection against all 13 email threat types.
  • Automatically remediate post-delivery email threats.
  • Includes everything from Advanced.
  • Protect your brand from domain fraud.
  • Make web browsing safe for your users.
  • Automate post-delivery threat hunting and response.
Premium Plus
Premium Plus
  • Includes everything from Premium.
  • Improve user security awareness.
  • Protect and restore your Office 365 data.
  • Discover sensitive data and undetected stored malware.
  • Demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements.

Don't overlook your email security

In the world of online security, it has become of the utmost importance to ensure the privacy of the data you transmit via email in the course of your personal and professional communications. Choosing a comprehensive email security service goes beyond a fully populated spam folder. From hidden threats to unsecured emails to phishing and ensuring your personal data is not accessible to unauthorized third parties, we provide the highest level of backup, archiving and protection services. Our services include:

  • protection against viruses
  • protection against spam
  • anti-phishing
  • link protection
  • typosquatting detection
  • email address spoofing
  • prevention of denial of service (DDoS) attacks

Entrust your entire IT security to Natrix today and focus on growing your business.

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