August 2020

Cloud for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses: Understanding Its Real Cost

In Quebec, as elsewhere, computer security in small and medium-sized businesses is a significant issue. With the multiplication of scandals related to data theft, every business leader is concerned about not being the next to deal with such a crisis! At Natrix Technologies, we are aware of the growing popularity of cloud hosting, which offers a high level of information protection. Is your SME thinking of adopting the cloud? This article will help you better understand the various costs involved in this process.

Cloud for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses: Understanding Its Real Cost

Myths About Cloud Hosting

First of all, there are many persistent myths about cloud hosting, such as that it is inexpensive, that the transition is easy, etc. However, many variables must be taken into account. However, there are many variables to consider when moving to the cloud. These include additional services such as:

  • Adaptation;
  • Networking;
  • Integration;
  • Storage;
  • Backup;
  • Monitoring.

Public Cloud vs Private Cloud

Let's remember that there are 2 distinct classes of Cloud hosting: public (e.g., AWS, Microsoft Azure) and private (e.g., Natrix, Sherweb). One would think that the public form is more straightforward and less expensive, with its monthly and pay-per-use payments. In reality, many people are unaware that this solution has "hidden costs."

For example, during peak periods, public providers can deliver additional resources at their discretion. These have a cost, and the bill for companies is higher because it is difficult to predict these peaks (intensity, duration, number of users, etc.).

In any case, public or private cloud hosting has variables that affect its cost. Remember, however, that when managed by an experienced team - like the one at Natrix Technologies - this digital transformation ultimately allows you to improve your productivity AND avoid problems that can cause an absolute financial disaster!

Finally, the achievement of the company's business objectives must be considered when determining the success of a company's transition to cloud hosting.

Powerful IT Solutions for SME Security

At Natrix Technologies, we offer cloud hosting to small and medium-sized businesses in Quebec. Using the customized services we offer, you will reduce your expenses (hardware, maintenance, etc.) while maintaining access to the best possible technologies. You will remain connected at all times with your collaborators (with an optimal level of security!), and this, everywhere in the world. Contact us to discuss your needs!