March 2021

Why Should You Do a Cybersecurity Audit for Your Business?

IT is undoubtedly an essential part of your business. However, it is necessary not to overlook that your digital footprint, if not adequately protected, can leave your business vulnerable to cybercriminals. At Natrix Technologies, we are experts in computer security and network performance testing in Montreal and throughout Quebec. Read on to find out why a cybersecurity audit would be advisable for your company.

Why Should You Do a Cybersecurity Audit for Your Business?

What Is the Audit?

The cybersecurity audit allows you to evaluate the various policies and procedures taken by your company in terms of computer security and verify the effectiveness of your network to identify weaknesses. The latter's identification will allow you to take measures to avoid attacks from cybercriminals and protect all the information that your company holds against malicious persons.

We first analyze your previous audits, if any, before undertaking a new procedure. We then study the measures in place within your company regarding cybersecurity and make sure to inform your employees on the best practices to adopt, whether they are telecommuting or on-site. Our audit allows us to identify weaknesses in your network and propose concrete solutions to reduce your vulnerability to cyber-attacks - and thus preserve the trust of your customers, for example.

What Exactly Do We Do?

We use the audit to analyze your network with a maximum of documentation on all your equipment (servers, workstations, portable equipment, firewalls, etc.) to establish weak points (expired authorizations, insecure passwords, etc.) and malicious devices. We then take care of optimizing your IT protection in compliance with current government regulations.

Whether your computer equipment is fixed or portable, we provide complete protection that includes encryption of your backups, confidentiality of your information, implementation of anti-hacking and anti-phishing alert systems and resolution of blockages.

With regular cybersecurity audits, you not only ensure that you have a reliable and efficient network when you need it most, but you also maintain a continuous line of defence that evolves in line with new criminal tactics.

At Natrix Technologies, we specialize in computer security in Montreal and throughout Quebec. To obtain a performance test and cybersecurity management solutions adapted to your company, contact us!